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Bridal Veil Falls - Cave Of The Winds
Bridal Veil Falls, Cave Of The Winds
Bridal Veil Falls, sometimes called Lunar Falls, is the smallest of the three of the Niagara Falls but should not be overlooked. Situated in between Goat Island in LunaIsland is only about 55 feet wide and a total of 181 feet tall. Water plummets 78 feet down the Falls descending the boulders to the maid of the mist pool which is 103 feet below - making a total drop 181 feet.

While Bridal Veil Falls might be overshadowed by the larger Horseshoe Falls and American Falls, it does offer an interesting tour called the Cave Of The Winds tour. Here you can get pretty close to the waters of the Falls. An elevator takes you 175 feet into the Niagara Gorge and you are guided on a tour over wooden walkways that ends up at the famous hurricane deck. This tour can actually be a little scary as you are given special shoes that will help you keep from slipping and a raincoat that will keep you dry.

At the railing of hurricane deck you are only 20 feet from the water gushing down Bridal Veil Falls. It can be quite loud, and wet, but you're usually rewarded with a rainbow that are typically visible both during the day and at night. There is also a deck that is 150 feet from the Falls which is perfect for children and handicapped adults.

There once was actually a cave here that was discovered in 1834 and guided tours were given of the cave, however, a huge rock fall in 1920 made it too dangerous and then in 1954 another rock fall obliterated the cave. A dangerous overhang resulted, but this was dynamited for safety. The modern-day tour, brings visitors to the front of bridal veil instead of behind it where the cave was. As you walk through the series of decks and walkways you'll need to be careful because the wind can sometimes reach 68 mph under the Falls.

The best views of bridal veil Falls are from the Niagara Parkway on the Canadian side of the Falls. On the US side, you can get to the brink of the fall on Luna Island.