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Experience The Maid Of The Mist
maid of the mist
Anyone visiting Niagara Falls must take a boat ride on the Maid Of The Mist. This war was launched in 1846, before the first suspension bridge was dealt, as a ferry service to go between the American and Canadian sides of the river. However, once the bridge was built this every summer decline in service and in 1854 became more of a tourist attraction then a practical mode of transportation.

There have actually been many maid of the mist boats sense the mid 1800's and the current ones in service are no older than the 1970s so you can rest assured that they are quite modern and safe!

Today, these boats carry tourists up the Niagara River past the bridal veil in American falls and through the midst of the curve of horseshoe falls. You can board the boat from either the US or Canadian side and the Maid will return you to your prospective starting point.

Each Maid Of The Mist is a powerful diesel engined boat that runs from May to October and departs about every 15 minutes. The current boats are 80 feet long and can carry 600 passengers. You can go at the boat on the US side at the base of the New York State Falls observation tower and on the Canadian side at the bottom of Clifton Hill. The entire ride takes about a half hour eight each guest is giving a recyclable souvenir raincoat to help protect you against the spray from the falls.

If you are visiting the falls, this is really a must see activity that you need to put on your list. One of the oldest North American tourist attractions it's been a continuous operation for over hundred and 50 years although the original coal-fired wooden boats have now been replaced with the diesel powered steel ships. Millions of visitors have taken this historical cruise including many celebrities, state leaders and royalty.

A ride on the Maid Of The Mist can be quite exciting as well as crowded and you should be prepared to get quite wet during this historical trip so plan accordingly!