Niagara Falls Vacation Tips

Where To Stay And What To See

Niagara Falls Canada Offers Much To Do
niagara falls canada
Niagara Falls Canada and Ontario offers the best view of Niagara Falls. Located just across the river from the Niagara Falls New York, it has a different character than the US side and is a great place to visit on your vacation.

On the Canadian side, you view the falls from a well manicured park containing beautiful gardens. If its lodging you need, you'll be able to find plenty of that as well as casinos, restaurants, clubs and tourist attractions of all types. It's a little bit more commercial than the US side, but Niagara Falls Canada also offers more to see and do.

You cross over the Niagara River between New York and Ontario via the rainbow Bridge which is only 100 m below the falls. As you can imagine, this bridging a pretty crowded in the summer so you want to plan ahead and try to get across at an off time or take another route such as the peace Bridge located about 25 miles south in Buffalo, New York.

The Canadian view of the falls is quite striking with a rock escarpment that is next to the falls offering panoramic views of the American falls on the US side and Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. This huge shelf of rock is actually called Victoria Park and has plenty of parking and people movers as well as shuttles to get you around this area to see all the sights.

Niagara Falls Canada also offers a dock where the Maid Of The Mist docks and you simply must take this 30 minute boat ride that goes within 100 meters of Horseshoe Falls it is guaranteed to be exciting as well as drenching.

There's also a ton of other attractions in the Canada side as well. You could drive along Niagara Parkway which follows the Niagara Gorge to the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake located at Lake Ontario. Along the way, there are many scenic lookouts where you will be able to get great views of the Niagara River. Two miles down from the falls you can get an elevator ride to the bottom of the canyon in Great Gorge Adventure.

About a block away from the falls is Clifton Hill which offers amusements and attractions as well as great eats. If you want a birds eye view of the falls, then you'll have to go up in the sky wheel which is a large Ferris wheel of enclosed gondolas with an overhead view or go up to the top of Skylon Tower, the tallest structure in Niagara, and enjoy the view from the outdoor observation deck.

When you get tired of looking at the falls, Niagara Falls Canada also offers some of it interesting attractions. You can see over 80 different species of birds at Birds of the Lost Kingdom or thrill yourself and escape the heat at Fallsview waterpark.