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Niagara Falls Review Of Attractions
niagara falls review
A Niagara Falls review of attractions reveals that this tourist mecca offers more than just a view of the majestic falls. While many of the activities are centered around the three falls, there are many other places to go and things to see on both the New York and Ontario sides of the river.

A Niagara Falls offers something for everyone, but perhaps withdraws most of the people here is a beautiful scenery of the Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil Falls. You can actually get the best view of them from the Canadian side in Victoria Park or along the Niagara Parkway. On the American side, you can steer into the mouth of the American falls from the observation tower or trot back over to the Canadian side where you can get a bird's eye view from either the Skylon tower or the sky wheel.

One attraction you really want to review, which can be accessed from either New York or Canada is the ride on the Maid Of The Mist boat. This half-hour ride will bring you into the swirling mists of the falls, in guaranteeing an exhilarating and drenching experience.

On your Niagara Falls review, you'll also want to add a trip to the Cave Of The Winds at Bridal Veil Falls. We are a cave once stood, are now walkways and platforms built for you to get a close-up view of the smallest of the falls. Here you will get within 20 feet of the raging waters.

If you get tired of looking at the waterfalls, but there are plenty of other places for you to review on your vacation. On the American side, you can take a nature walk, visit the Niagara aquarium or take a trip to the discovery Center where you can learn all about the history of the area.

On the Canadian side, you might actually find more attractions and you will certainly want to visit Queen Victoria Park where you can get a great view of the falls amid lush garden splendor. You can also have your old watered rancher at Fallsview waterpark, or check out over 500 exotic birds and a rainforest environment at Bird Kingdom Niagara Falls.

No Niagara Falls review would be complete without mentioning the accommodations and you can find everything here from luxurious hotels, too inexpensive motels, to bed and breakfasts, to camping. They are false also offers three casinos for those who like to gamble - two on the Canadian side and one on the New York side. Whether you visit Niagara Falls US side, the Canadian side or both, there's sure to be something that pleases every type of vacationer.