Niagara Falls Vacation Tips

Where To Stay And What To See

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A View Of The American Falls
The American Falls are 1060 feet wide and 70 feet tall and the bottom is a jumble of chunks of rock which women left there by a huge rock slide in 1954. Since the water comes from Lake Erie, the amount of water going over the Falls is directly related to the elevation of water in the lake.

Bridal Veil Falls - Cave Of The Winds
Bridal Veil Falls, sometimes called Lunar Falls, is the smallest of the three of the Niagara Falls but should not be overlooked. Situated in between Goat Island in LunaIsland is only about 55 feet wide and a total of 181 feet tall.

Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls
Horseshoe Falls is the most powerful and majestic of all the waterfalls at Niagara channeling 90% of the water from the Niagara River over its horseshoe shaped edge. In fact, so much water falls over there that and natural mist occurs around the Falls which actually makes it kind of hard to view.

Experience The Maid Of The Mist
A ride on the Maid Of The Mist can be quite exciting as well as crowded and you should be prepared to get quite wet during this historical trip so plan accordingly!

Niagara Falls Canada Offers Much To Do
Niagara Falls Canada and Ontario offers the best view of Niagara Falls. Located just across the river from the Niagara Falls New York, it has a different character than the US side and is a great place to visit on your vacation.

Niagara Falls Casino Guide
Taking a trip to a Niagara Falls Casino can be a fun way to spend the day if you like gambling. Who knows, you may come out ahead and have more money to spend on your Niagara Falls vacation!

A Visit To Niagara Falls New York
Niagara Falls New York offers many attractions to the visiting tourist, not the least of which is, of course, the beautiful view of the falls. The first place you should plan to visit is the Niagara Falls State Park Visitor Center.

Niagara Falls Review Of Attractions
A Niagara Falls review of attractions reveals that this tourist mecca offers more than just a view of the majestic falls.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Niagara Falls Hotel
Finding a Niagara Falls hotel that is perfect for your vacation shouldn’t be too hard since there are a variety of accommodations offered in this beautiful place. Whether you prefer a luxury hotel with all the amenities, a bed and breakfast or a rustic campground, Niagara offers something for everyone.